Welcome to Totally Smart Seminars and Coaching

  • _DSC0207For over 25 years Merilyn Buckley, an AASW registered Social Worker and Positive Psychology Coach, has offered a range of customised wellbeing SEMINARS for high school students and parents.  Attendees are invited to complete a survey prior to the session so questions and concerns can be addressed.
  • Merilyn presents similarly customised wellbeing     SEMINARS in corporate and government  workplace settings and at community based events.
  • Merilyn offers Positive Psychology COACHING          SERVICES. Click here for details and fees.

Seminars For Students:

Seminars For Parents:

Seminars For Teachers’ Self – Care:

Seminars for the Corporate Workplace:

Each session:

  • utilises anonymous surveys, completed by attendees in the weeks prior to the presentation, to allow customisation of the session.
  • can be tailored in length to suit  context requirements.
  • in schools can be run for boys and girls separately or together as appropriate.
  • in schools for teachers can be part of a professional development day or in service training.
  • in schools  for parents is sponsored and organised by the school.
  • in corporate and government workplace settings can be tailored for different staff levels and numbers.
  • in community based settings  can be tailored for groups, conferences, special events or retreat days.
  • includes consideration of current research, life stage development,  popular culture, survey results and staff/ management considerations.
  • is interactive and multi media.
  • complete seminar outlines can be viewed upon request.
  • fees can be discussed upon request.

Individual Coaching

Combining her training with personal experience Merilyn has informally coached hundreds of people at various life stages in various settings. Her primary focus of professional coaching now includes: relationships and partner choice; marriage transition, support and development; parenthood transition, support and development; life, work-life and faith-life direction and flourishing.  For more information and fees click here.

Organisational Coaching

Merilyn has worked with educational, faith-based and corporate organisations over the past 30 years positioning her to offer skills, performance, developmental and remedial coaching at many levels in these settings. This experience includes:

  • National Church Life Survey: researcher, senior presenter, leadership coaching
  • Anglicare Regional Community Development Worker: group training, leadership coaching
  • St Matthew’s Manly Community Worker: individual coaching, group training and community development
  • Totally Smart School Wellbeing Seminars: founder, researcher, consultant and presenter
  • Healthworks Corporate: contract wellbeing researcher and presenter.

This wealth of experience enables Merilyn to offer a range of interlinked organisational enhancement coaching services e.g. psycho-educational seminars; individual and team leadership coaching and positive change management interventions. Organisational session fees are discussed upon request.