Seminars For Parents

  • Teen Sex Smart for Parents: The Sexual Intelligence HexagonThe Sexagon: Sexuality Intelligence Principles and Practicalities to teach your teen.
  • Pornography Smart for Parents: The Porn Habit Hexagon: Assisting your teen understand the varied potential harms and possible responses to Internet Porn.
  • Teen Habit Smart #1 for ParentsThe Modern Mayhem Habit Hexagon: Sleep, Social Media, Procrastination & Worry – enabling your teen to manage these challenges.
  • Teen Habit Smart #2 for Parents:  The Leisure Habit Hexagon: Alcohol & Other Drugs and Online Gaming, Gambling & Pornography – enabling your teen to successfully navigate these leisure options.
  • Teen Habit Smart #3 for Parents:  The Mental Health Habit Hexagon: encouraging your teen to strengthen Emotional Fitness and Hygiene, develop Emotional CPR and First Aid skills and respond when Emotional Triage is necessary.
  • ACT: An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Training (Psychological Flexibility)
  • Personality Smart: An introduction to 4 popular personality profiles: Enneagram, Five Love Languages, The Big Five Personality Traits and Holland Occupational Themes.

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation. It was obvious that you had done a lot of work to prepare a presentation that was tailored to what we parents were wondering about, and that attention to ‘us’ made all the difference, I think. Your experience at doing this was also obvious, with your many stories that backed up the ‘theory’ and ‘stats’ you were sharing.” Parent attendee at Teen Sex Smart for Parents Seminar

Merilyn has presented seminars for parents at many schools in Sydney over the years including Barker College, Ravenswood, The Kings School, Santa Sabina, St Patrick’s Strathfield, Sydney Grammar, Shore and Monte Sant’ Angelo. Merilyn has also run seminars  for parents open to the public.

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