Seminars For Students

  • Sex Smart: Sexual Intelligence Hexagon – The Sexagon: 6 Sexuality Intelligence Principles and Practicalities
  • Pornography Smart: Realities, Harms and Responses.
  • Habit Smart #1: Modern Mayhem Habit Hexagon: Sleep, Social Media, Procrastination & Worry
  • Habit Smart #2: Leisure Habit Hexagon: Alcohol & Other Drugs and On Line Gaming, Gambling & Pornography
  • Habit Smart #3: Mental Health Habit Hexagon: 6 ways to strengthen Emotional Fitness and Hygiene
  • Party Smart: A & OD, Sex, Conversation, Social Media, Hosting & Attending Advice
  • Schoolies Smart: Preparing for Safe Celebrating and Socialising after the HSC
  • ACT for Students: Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Training (Psychological Flexibility)
  • Personality Smart: An introduction to 4 popular personality profiles: The 5 Love Languages, The Big Five Personality Traits, The Enneagram and The Holland Occupational Themes.

Thanks so much for your presentations today. The students gained a great deal of knowledge and the staff have been full of praise for the talks.  Teacher Co Ed High School

Merilyn has presented these seminars to students at many Sydney schools including:  Loreto Kirribilli,  OLMC Parramatta, St Luke’s Grammar Dee Why,  Sydney Grammar,  St Andrew’s Cathedral School,  Santa Sabina Strathfield,  St Vincent’s College Potts Point,  Barker College and SCEGGS Redlands.

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