Seminars for Teachers

These seminars offer a moment for  reflection, motivation and ideas for teachers for some self care as well furthering positive psychology and wellbeing education.

  • Emotional Fitness: Mental Health understanding and Emotional Hygiene, First Aid and Triage in the school setting
  • Stress Fitness: Eustress & Distress understanding and Stress Hygiene, First Aid and Triage strategies
  • R U OK? Introduction to recognising and responding to mental health and wellbeing challenges
  • Conquering the Working Week? Personal stock take and ways to get unstuck and move in valued direction
  • ACT: Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy / Training processes.
  • Personality Smart: An introduction to 4 popular personality profiles: The Enneagram, The Big Five Personality Traits, The Five Love Languages and Holland Occupational Themes.