Student Testimonials

Schools have recently included:  Loreto Kirribilli,  OLMC Parramatta, St Luke’s Grammar Dee Why,  Sydney Grammar,  St Andrew’s Cathedral School,  Santa Sabina Strathfield and St Vincent’s College Kings Cross.

  • The most significant thing about the day was learning about STI’s and pregnancy. Merilyn wasn’t like “No you can’t do that”, she came to our level and really talked about it all to us.
Its made me have a second thought about alcohol and sexual relationships.
  • Merilyn’s seminar was powerful and relevant and presented in an enjoyable way.
It was very helpful in making me think about my future and the decisions I might make. I was unsure about things before and now I have made some definite decisions.
  • The best thing about the day was learning about relationships and the consequences of sex.
  • Merilyn’s talk was absolutely incredible, inspiring. I don’t think I will ever forget it.
  • I realise this is the time to work on who I am before I try and get a boyfriend.
  • The best thing was being told there is no condom for my heart.