Teacher Testimonials

Schools have recently included:  Loreto Kirribilli,  OLMC Parramatta, St Luke’s Grammar Dee Why,  Sydney Grammar,  St Andrew’s Cathedral School,  Santa Sabina Strathfield and St Vincent’s College Kings Cross.

  •  Merilyn has presented to our school for over 5 years. The engagement of Year 10 students both boys and girls in the program is incredible. The students appreciated Merilyn’s extensive knowledge and caring manner in informing student about sexual health and personal care. In 2016, the new Sexagon format has provided students with a practical and informative model for learning about sensitive issues. The students confidence in speaking to Merrilyn about sexual health issues demonstrates the positive connection they established throughout the program. Dean of Students Co Ed High School
  • Merilyn Buckley possesses unique skills that allow her to connect with her teenager audiences. Her presentations have always been well researched, thought provoking, dynamic and entertaining. Merilyn’s commitment to helping young people make wise and informed choices about their relationships and sexuality is evident.
       Teacher Girls’ High School
  • Parents and staff alike were totally engaged by the confronting yet humorous approach Merilyn Buckley had to the issue of teen sexuality. Her presentation was compelling, interesting and totally professional.
   Psychologist Boys’ High School
  • I have had the privilege of having Merilyn Buckley present her Sex Smart Seminars for a number of years to young men and women. Her seminars are always received well by students. They challenge the students to think about the message popular culture gives about relationships and sex and empowers them to make smart decisions for themselves that will enable them to have the kind of relationships they want to have not just now but for the rest of their lives.  Psychologist Co Ed High School
  • Thanks so much for your presentations today. The students gained a great deal of knowledge and the staff have been full of praise for the talks.  Teacher Co Ed High School
  • Merilyn Buckley uses personal stories, humour and multimedia to convey a powerful message of hope to students about their futures. I know from speaking to many students the sessions had a significant impact on their lives and have helped them make firm positive decisions for their future.
  Teacher Co Ed High School
  • The girls were captivated with Merilyn Buckley and responded so positively to her message. During her talks there was a perfect combination of laughter, silence, questions and responses. Her preparation was very impressive and her presentation was comprehensive and informative. Merilyn is astute in ensuring her material is relevant, engaging and challenging to all listeners. We appreciated the positive way Merilyn weaves her honest and authentic Christian perspective into her presentation. She has a passion to see young people live safe, healthy and happy lives and be confident in their relationships. Her seminars certainly gave them a clear framework and practical skills to achieve this end.
  Teacher Girls’ High School