Upcoming Public Seminar

Parents Only:Unknown-2 Teen Sex Smart Seminar  

Balgowlah RSL    


Bookings for this seminar are now closed.


50% of young people expressed significant dissatisfaction with sex education at school citing problems such as: irrelevance to their real experience, lack of relationship advice and lack of discussion of same sex issues.  La Trobe Uni Research 2014.

It is not good enough to say “They will work it out for themselves!”

Merilyn knows what she is talking about and who she is talking to. With candour, wit and sensitivity she provided my partner and I with valuable tools and resources to talk with our children about this very important part of their mental, physical and social health.

Thanks so much for the fabulous talk. It was very informative and fun!

Merilyn Buckley has run Sex Education Seminars in high schools for boys and girls across Sydney for many years. Research consistently shows parents are important role models and sources of information.

At this Adults Only seminar Merilyn presents her  six dimensional Sexagon Model of Sexual intelligence  to assist parents and those working with youth protect, teach and coach teens and young adults.

  1. Individual Sexuality Challenges and Choices
  2. Sexuality Values, Standards and Goals
  3. Adolescent Psycho – Sexual Development
  4. Sexual Activity: Physical and Mental Health considerations
  5. Romantic Competence – intimate relationship skills
  6. Mating Intelligence – smart partner choice

Specific detailed issues covered include:

  • current teen sexual activity statistics: diseases & protection usage; pregnancy & contraception usage; abstinence and activity levels; LGBTIQ realities
  • commonly asked teen and parent questions
  • adolescent development considerations
  • alcohol and regretted /unwanted sexual activity
  • divorce, domestic violence, sexual assault & infertility awareness and responses
  • media impact and social media (digital dating and sexting), cyber safety, the Law
  • internet porn pressures, realities, short and long term effects  and parent responses
  • relationship development: lust vs love; intimacy skills and smart partner choice
  • possible physical and mental health outcomes of premature sexual activity
  • comprehensive choices: abstinence or contraception and protection
  • setting and respecting boundaries and when & how to say no; consent & the Law
  • determining parent and teen values and goals around sexuality
  • strategies for parents to “drip feed” their own values and wisdom around sexuality and intimacy
  • strategies from ACTraining to assist parents and teens manage complex sexuality thoughts, feeling, urges and memories which can  arise
  • understanding and preparing for possible pressures and choices at university and  the workplace

The seminar (based on Merilyn’s extensive research and work in schools, current teen psychosocial research and the 2014 La Trobe Uni Teen Sexual Health Study) will give information, warnings, motivation and confidence to parents to assist their teens navigate this important and exciting yet sometimes fraught aspect of life.

Adults Only: Teen Sex Smart Seminar

This seminar is now closed. New seminars will be run in 2018.