ACT Smart

imagesACT – Acceptance and Commitment Training ( developed by Stephen Hayes and popularised in Australia by Russ Harris) provides a valuable framework for developing Psychological Flexibility  or Emotional Agility. The 6 principles of ACT have been demonstrated to assist with strengthening mental health, depression, anxiety, procrastination and presenteeism. ACT draws on the insights of CBT ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Positive Psychology. By developing ACT skills and insights we are better able to manage life’s inevitable challenges and manage our own difficult and painful internal experiences.

The  6 ACT Principles  are presented using the Psychological Flexibility Hexagon:

  1. Contact with the Present Moment: What is really going on here and now?
  2. Values: What matters? What is your life for?
  3. Self as Context: Connect with Inner Self, Observer Self, Choosing Self.
  4. Cognitive Defusion: Choose to engage helpful or neglect unhelpful thoughts.
  5. Acceptance: Willingness to expand and sit with painful feelings and move forward.
  6. Committed Workable Action: Choose a doable action to put values into practice.

Full seminar outline and fees can be discussed upon request.