Sex Smart


Merilyn in Manly Daily raising concerns about rise in chlamydia notifications.
  • Relationship and Sex Education Seminars customised for Yrs 10, 11 or 12 high school students.
  • 90 minutes to 3 hours negotiable with timetable.
  • Sessions run for girls and boys separately.
  • Anonymous surveys completed by students in the weeks before the session allow customisation
  • Includes response to survey questions and concerns, staff consultation, multimedia content, current research, adolescent development & popular culture considerations and student participation.

Six dimensions of the Sexual Intelligence Sexagon are presented:

  1. Sexual Intelligence: Questions, Context, Challenges and Choices
  2. Motivation and Direction: Values, Standards & Goals; Protective & Proactive
  3. Adolescent Development: Cognitive &  Psycho – Sexual Development
  4. Sexual Attraction and Activity: Physical and Mental Health considerations
  5. Romantic Competence: Intimate relationship skills
  6. Mating Intelligence: Smart partner choosing

Full seminar outline can be viewed and fees discussed upon request.

Merilyn has presented to St Luke’s Grammar School for over 5 years. The engagement of Year 10 students both boys and girls in the program is incredible. The students appreciated Merilyn’s extensive knowledge and caring manner in informing student about sexual health and personal care. In 2016, the new “Sexagon” format has provided students with a practical and informative model for learning about sensitive issues. The students confidence in speaking to Merilyn about sexual health issues demonstrates the positive connection they established throughout the program.  Dean of Students 

Sex Smart Image of boy and girl