Party Smart

  • party smart imageThe Party Smart Seminar can be tailored for Years 9, 10, 11 or 12 students. (Schoolies Smart Seminar is designed for Yr 12 celebrating and socialising)
  • The seminar is  90 to 120 minutes  negotiable with timetable.
  • Sessions are run for girls and boys separately or together.
  • Optional: anonymous surveys can be done in the month prior to inform the session.
  • Includes: response to survey concerns, staff consultation, multimedia content,        adolescent development & popular culture considerations, current research and student participation.

Six dimensions of Party/ Gathering Intelligence are discussed:

  1. Socialising: celebrating and relaxing benefits
  2. Conversation: meeting new people
  3. Alcohol & Other Drugs: harm avoidance and minimisation
  4. Risky behaviours: hook up sex and skylarking
  5. Social media: managing the 24/7 party
  6. Hosting or attending:  practical advice and parent agreements

Full seminar outline can be viewed and fees discussed upon request.

NSW Police Party Advice informs the Party Smart Seminar.