Schoolies Smart

  • Be Safe Schoolies SloganThe Schoolies Smart Seminar is designed for  Yr 12 students anticipating their end of school celebrations.
  • The session is approximately 90 minutes negotiable with timetable.
  • Sessions run for girls and boys separately or together.
  • Optional: anonymous survey done the month     prior to inform the session.
  • Includes response to survey concerns, staff consultation, multimedia content, current information & student participation.

Three dimensions of Schoolies Intelligence are discussed:

  1. Smart about moving towards and through the HSC.
  2. Smart about destination information, group planning & pre determined decisions around drugs, alcohol, sex, money, friends, parental contact.
  3. Smart and safe about new choices, behaviour, relationships and the Law.

Full seminar outline can be viewed and fees discussed upon request.

Queensland Government and NSW Government Advice  as well as The Redfrogs Network informs the sessions.


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