Pornography Smart

Merilyn in Daily Telegraph advising parents how to keep kids safe online especially regarding pornography

The Porn Smart Seminar aims to assist students understand the potential harms of pornography  and how to prevent or break a porn use habit.

The session is taught using the Porn Habit Hexagon:

  1. Basics of comprehensive sex and relationship education: pornography in context
  2. Sexuality values, standards & goals: clarifying and choosing responses & direction
  3. Internet porn realities: content, accessibility & justice concerns and statistics
  4. Potential harmful effects on the brain: neuroscience of compulsion & addiction
  5. Potential harmful effects on relationships: physical, attitudinal & emotional
  6. Master of your domain: choosing and achieving pornography management or sobriety

Pornography is also discussed in the student Sex and Relationship Smart Seminar.